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Robin (Binn#4896)

Robin lives in Indonesia and he is a veteran of the Eco community. Currently, he creates amazing Sandbox games for all members of the Eco Community and believes that criticism is an opportunity for growth. Robin also shared his dream with us. Have fun reading!

Robin, I’m looking at the weather forecast in Indonesia and I envy you kindly. Tell me, have you lived in Jakarta all your life? Indonesia through the eyes of the locals, what does it look like?

I’m was born in Jambi (a small city in Indonesia) and I’ve been going to Jakarta since 2018 till now for work. I started working immediately after graduating from college (I graduated in 2018), I work as IT in an import company till now.

Indonesia has many cultures and we live together. I’m sure most Indonesian people are very friendly and helpful.

How long have you joined «Crypto fanboys», I mean joined the study of blockchain technology? Do you remember how it all started?

I have been joined blockchain technology since Q4 2017. It all started from my friend who asked me to buy a scam coin (laughs). My mother and I – we are lost our savings, but that does not make me quite from crypto. Because I’m interested in cryptocurrency till now and have learned more.

1.5 years ago you joined the Eco community. What has changed during this time? What role do you think you are playing in the Eco community now?

I just feel like we have many strong members of the Eco community today. The first time I joined, I just focused on learning about Eco. Now I’m focused on helping create great Eco community experiences on the Sandbox.

Tell me, were you fond of computer games? How did you become the Sandbox game maker?

Yes, I like computer games. I have been playing a computer games since I was 11 years old. I stopped playing computer games since I found the Sandbox are launching the Alpha Season 2 (March 2022). My thinking suddenly changed while I studying Sandbox, and finally I have evolved from gamer to game maker.

What inspires you to create a new game? Where do you get your ideas? How does the game creation process work? How much time does it take to create a game from start to finish?

My ideas and inspirations come from my experiences playing a game from 11 years old till March 2022 and watching some great games created by the Sandbox community. I can’t give accurate time spent on creating a game, but a great game should be developed over 3 months. The more time you spend, the more detailed the game will be.

The process is simple : create assets -> design a game experiences with assets -> create a logic / gameplay -> launch.

How do you feel about criticism? Are you worried if one of the participants can’t pass the game and doesn’t blame himself for it?

Criticism is good to know what the game’s weakness, for the new developer it really helps to make the developer levelup. I’m worried if the participants can’t pass the game, so I will find many solutions to solve it.

Which of the games you created is your favorite? Why?

My favorite is Eco Community Experiences #1, because I created experiences that are similar to the Eco community and the first time i can create Eco theme assets.

I have admired the Eco Community Experiences #1 – it is amazing integration of community members’ work into the game, it’s worth going through, at least to admire! What do you think is the strength of the Eco community?

I think the Eco community has a togetherness strength and unique skills.

What do you like to do when you are resting? Do you manage to keep work&life balance?

I only have a little time to rest, I just watch the game experiences on YouTube and sometimes go to eat good meals with friends. Work 80% and Life 20%.

Describe your perfect day?

The perfect day is now, i have great skills to create gaming experiences on the Sandbox. I think I can create everything on the Sandbox.

Blitz survey:

1. Say something in Bahasa?

Imajinasi selalu membuat anda melangkah lebih jauh

2. Do you play games on the Sandbox other than those created by you? What’s your favorite?

Yes, I am playing the Sandbox Alpha Season. There are many great experiences during the Sandbox Alpha Season. I like all high quality experiences which contain many assets

3. Do you have a dream?

My dream is to be a successful person who can make my parents proud and happy

4. Name the top 5 countries where you would like to travel?

Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, and United States

5. With which member of the Eco community would you like to read an interview?


6. What family tradition would you like to pass on to your children?

Helpful and respect everyone

7. What will you take out of the burning house first?

Just my phone

8. What are your advantages?

I have a brain that can learn everything fast

9. And disadvantages?

I’m not good at communicating face to face

10. What are your plans for today?

Finish some Sandbox assets