New Eco Roles

Sbakhtin#3352, nikita_ushakov#9122, devil_love076#4861

Guys, what are your impressions of getting Layer 2? What are your plans for the future?

Sbakhtin#3352 (Ivan): It was a surprise to me. I know that it is difficult to get this role and I am very glad that I did it. I plan not to slow down!

nikita_ushakov#9122: It’s a great feeling, I hope I won’t let anyone down. I want to continue to develop together with the Eco community.

devil_love076#4861 (Karina): Of course, positive impressions. I tried and I’m glad that my efforts were noticed.

The ranks of Layer 2 were replenished with two strong guys who adore sports and the feminine Karina, who delighted us with poems about Eco and draws stunningly.

Ivan is an IT specialist and libertarian, leads an active lifestyle, preferring weightlifting and rope jumping. He takes an active part in several blockchain projects in which he believes. Ivan does not intend to stop, because he has achieved certain results in the past bull run and continues to develop in the crypto space.

Sbakhtin#3352: “Eco for me is a unique community in its activity and energy! I definitely have something to compare with, I’ve seen how the communities of other projects were born and faded, but it’s worth paying tribute to the Team and the Prefects of Eco, they managed to create an incredibly strong and balanced community, which I don’t see any analogues in the crypto at the moment.”

Karina didn’t want to brag about her good deeds, but as an exception, she told Hola Eco! that she loves helping people, participates in volunteer projects, helps children from orphanages, and, if possible, also animal shelters. Currently, she has started studying child and family psychology. Karina is a strong personality, as she says herself: “I’m moving forward no matter what.” And Eco helps to exhale a little from the crazy days:

devil_love076#4861: “For me, Eco is a kind of rest, some kind of adrenaline – what is the Eco Team Championship worth. This is the study of new information, creativity, and communication.”

Nikita leads an active lifestyle and loves sports: football, basketball and mixed martial arts, writes articles and reviews in telegram channels about media football and Pop MMA. He tries to keep up with trends and develop in the digital industry.

nikita_ushakov#9122:Over the past year, I have managed to make friends with many guys from different countries and regions. Eco community is great. I would like to shake hands personally with everyone who makes efforts to develop the project!”

What would you wish a new members of Eco community?

Sbakhtin#3352: While the bear market is going on, it’s time to lay the foundation for the next bull run, and it will certainly come. Now it’s important not to stop and remember Andy’s words from a recent interview that all your hard work will pay off. I am sure that we will soon have a lot of good news from the project team!

nikita_ushakov#9122: Take part in various activities, find new acquaintances, people in the Eco community are unique!

What is your most vivid impression of Eco?

devil_love076#4861: Eco Team Championship. What was it worth to run and look for a dog and ask a passerby to take a photo of you (laughs).

nikita_ushakov#9122: Eco Team Championship and Eco Education, especially dance lessons.

Sbakhtin#3352: A dancing robot that became known far beyond the Eco Discord, challenge with a tattoo that struck with its scope, creativity and dedication of the participants.

Guys, it was nice to have an interesting chat with you, congratulations from HolaEcoTeam!